Why Greener Options

Why choose Greener Options?

  1. Expertise

    We are washroom, hygiene and clinical waste experts with over 40 years’ experience. We are up-to-the-minute savvy on regulations and compliance. Our antennae hone in on cost saving initiatives others might miss. And our broad network of suppliers makes it easy for us to find, or develop, product bespoke to your specialist business need.

  2. Service Promise

    Greener Options is an independent company and we believe in delivering great waste management services in partnership with you. Our advice is free, our fees are transparent, and we pride ourselves on being flexible to your needs – in a nutshell, being easy to do business with.

  3. Greener Options

    We are mindful of the environment and your wish for sustainability. We champion greener options for waste disposal and embrace a zero waste to landfill policy. We seek products that use resources more sustainably; in the simplest form this includes foam soaps which are credited with using 20% less water and hand dryers, credited with using 80% less energy.

  4. Giving Back

    We also support numerous charities within the local community and worldwide because we believe ethical, responsible business is good business. Often support comes in the form of re-directing our clients’ unwanted but viable products to those in need overseas. Our clients love our ‘alternative’ waste management approach; for no extra charge they get the ‘feel good’ of ‘doing good’. So don’t let those niggling ancillary wastes or refurbishments cause headaches – just ask us how we can help you and in doing so, help others.