Soaps and Hand Sanitisers

Washroom Soap Dispensers – Hand Sanitisers

Foam and lotion soaps are offered with push operated and non-drip dispensing. Choose from standard or anti-bacterial product. For those spaces and works stations where quick hand sanitation is required, quick-dry hand sanitizer gel, with the choice of alcohol–free product, provides the added protection you need while ‘on the go’ – perfect for classrooms, first-aid rooms, mobile food preparation, visiting doctors and factory floors.

For discerning leisure centres and spas, we provide hair and body soap dispensing to suit your business and customer.

Soap Dispensers

Dispensers are fitted and serviced according to your need, and are available in white or chrome.

Foam Soaps – the greener option

The washroom is an area where a lot of water is used and where small savings in water consumption can therefore save valuable resources and cut bills. When hand washing, researchers have shown that foam soaps use less water than liquid or bar soap at the rinse stage.

Foam soaps also do not need water to form a lather; saving water again. Because it is easy to cover the hands with foam, you use less than liquid soap, so the product goes further and refilling is less frequent.

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