Air Fresheners

Washroom Air Fresheners

Air freshening systems are an integral part of quality washroom services and today’s systems are programmable and function to offer day-in day–out freshness without loss of performance.

Greener Options provide a range of air freshener products, including the TCell™ battery-free system. Each is perfect for washrooms but equally suitable for use in other office and communal spaces.

Ozone Generators – Air Purification

In addition to fragrance air freshening systems, Greener Option also offer ozone based air cleaners which are popular in hotel groups, gyms and residential homes. Ozone generators cleanse the air, removing odours and effectively leave the air noticeably cleaner and fresh. When Ozone is used in this way to remove bad odours, oxygen is left behind as a bi-product.

Refill and Recycle

For our products, we provide accessories such as refills and recycle any used components, such as used batteries.

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