Water Management Systems

Toilet & Urinal Waste Water Management

For toilets and urinals, Greener Options supply and install water management systems to cut water use and auto sanitising systems and urinal sleeves to cut uric scale and odours. The systems can be installed as stand alone or in combination for a complete hygiene system that’s good for the environment and brilliant for the user.

Water Management Systems – The Greener Option

Water management systems are auto-flush systems that are fed by a water cistern. They can be programmed to flush every 30 or 60 minutes, 12 or 24 hours a day. Controlled flushing reduces water usage by 67%, saving money and resources.


Battery operated, touch-free auto-sanitizers are wall mounted and connected directly into the tank. Round the clock, they dispense Bio Purinell™ solution, cleaning visible surfaces and out-of-sight areas such as pipes, under rims, traps and drains. Toilets and urinals stay stain free as biological agents eat away at uric salts making them, and associated odours, easier to flush away. It also prevents further build-up occuring.

Urinal Sleeves

Easy to install, urinal sleeves contain substances to break down uric salt and lime scale, keeping urinals free from blockages as well as incorporating a citrus fragrance deodorant. Chemical kits for high traffic washrooms and biological sleeves using natural enzymes and friendly bacteria for lower traffic environments are recommended.

The Combined Option

Used in combination, a water management system that flushes away the ‘dissolved’ uric salts at controlled intervals also prevents the build-up of uric scale, which is the main cause of blockages in urinal pipe work.

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