Feminine Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene Cubicle Bins

Feminine Hygiene Cubicle Bins

Feminine Hygiene Services

Greener Options provide all workplace and public washrooms with a range of products and services to discreetly meet the ‘away from home’ needs of their female visitors, shoppers and staff.

We have something for every toilet cubicle, no matter the size. We offer several colours of standard and slim-line, hygienic and easy-to-operate feminine hygiene waste disposal bins and a collection service based on your need. Our slim-line units can be placed on either side of your toilet and many of our units have integral foot pedals for hygienic, hands-free operation.

Every unit has a specially treated scented liner, to minimise any unpleasant odours, which is fully replaced each time we service. We also clean and deodorise them on site, causing the minimum disruption to your business, and take the bags of waste away to dispose of them for you. Feminine Hygiene vending and disposal bags, air fresheners and surface sanitisers enhance your service and ladies’ washroom environment

Bag It and Bin It, Don’t Flush It

Greener Options support the ‘Bag It and Bin It, Don’t Flush It’ campaign to encourage users not to flush feminine hygiene waste. This also reduces the chance of pipe work blockages from sanitary waste and leakage into oceans and river courses. By offering feminine hygiene disposal bags, you not only offer a more discreet and hygienic service, you also provide your female customers with a positive message about your care for the natural environment.

Feminine Hygiene Waste Disposal

Like you, Greener Options is constantly on the look out to do the ‘right thing’ for the environment. Technology for recycling your feminine hygiene waste, along with other wastes such as nappy waste, is emerging in the UK and Greener Options is keeping a keen eye on progress in this area to enable us to bring a more sustainable solution to you as soon as it is viable.

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