Childcare – Nappy Disposal

Childcare – Nappy Waste Collection

Greener Options manages disposable nappy waste from child care centres, private nurseries and child clinics as well as washrooms in public–facing premises. As a specialist hygiene service company, we supply, maintain and manage the internal and external waste collection receptacles, logistics and disposal in a safe, clean and legally compliant way.

Our internal waste units are no–touch, foot operated, with an odour barrier and supplied with yellow and black strip ‘tiger’ bags, And the robust external units are lockable for safe and secure storage of tiger bags prior to collection. We work with you to meet your needs regarding waste collection frequency and times and to advice on the optimum capacity of internal and external units for your business.

Recycling Nappy Waste

Like you, Greener Options is constantly on the look out to do the ‘right thing’ for the environment. Technology for recycling and composting nappy waste is emerging in the UK and Greener Options is keeping a keen eye on progress in this area to enable us to bring a more sustainable solution to you as soon as it is viable.

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