FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes you a greener option?
A. We are mindful of the waste hierarchy. We recycle what we can (and support new technologies such as nappy/inco recycling), incinerate clinical waste in energy recovery facilities and have a zero waste to landfill policy. With landfill tax at £80 per tonne, what’s better for sustainability can also be more cost effective.

To mitigate high energy costs, we offer more energy efficient products alongside standard models of items such as hand dryers and water management systems.

We promote the use of foam soaps because they are known to reduce water consumption by 20%.

Regarding re-use; batteries, cartridges, electronics that are able to be refurbished, wheelchairs, dental chairs and viable furniture; all get donated to lifestyle charities locally and internationally.

Q. What areas do you cover?
A. We operate nationwide; covering England, Scotland and Wales.

Q. Is there a minimum collection amount?
A. No there is no minimum or maximum collection amount. We have customers that produce very little waste or produce large amounts, but there is no minimum collection size.

Q. Is there a minimum term of contract?
A. No, we can do a one-off job for you – no contract, no set-up fees, no ties. Also, we can work with you on a longer term basis and set up a service agreement as your waste management partner.

Q. How can I pay?
A. You can pay in anyway you choose -via BACS, over the telephone with a card, cheque or cash. How you choose to pay is up to you as a customer.

Q. What are my legal responsibilities as a waste producer?
A. Greener Options offer advice and training on your legal responsibilities. Waste is the responsibility of you, the producer. This means you have a legal ‘duty of care’ to make sure your waste is handled safely and only passed to people authorised to receive it. If you produce over 500kg of waste a year and if you produce any hazardous wastes you need to be registered with the Environment Agency.

You need to ensure the contractor who collects your waste, for example Greener Options, is an EA certified and registered waste carrier and is taking the waste to a legitimate site. See Greener Option’s EA waste carriers license Environmental Agency Certificate.

Q. What are pre-acceptance audits?
A. The EA has imposed a legal requirement on disposal sites (waste treatment, landfill and incineration facilities) to ensure that waste producers carry out audits of their waste before it can be accepted at the disposal site. These are known as ‘pre-acceptance audits’. The contractor handling your waste, for example Greener Options, are required to demonstrate that they have obtained this audit information from you, the customer, before it can legally be accepted and disposed of. Greener Options have produced a self assessment pre-acceptance audit form to make this easy for our customers.