Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical Waste Management

Greener Options help pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers, whether the NHS, in community, on the high street or in private hospitals, veterinary practices, clinics and hospices, with a range of pharmaceutical waste services. We are fully mindful of the legal and social importance of the secure collection and safe disposal of medicines and drugs, so much so that we have developed our own comprehensive range of drug denaturing kits, Safer Options.

We offer the following services and specialised containers, nationwide:

Pharmaceutical Waste

We offer containers for the safe storage and disposal of non hazardous waste medicines in tablet, capsule, liquid, patches and inhaler form.

Controlled Drugs Destruction Kits

For the denaturing of out of date medicines and drugs and rendering irretrievable, Greener Options supply a complete range of Safer Options kits from 250ml to 4litres capacity.

Cytotoxic and Cytostatic Waste

For segregation for incineration, Greener Options offer a complete collection and disposal service of all hormone and cancer treatment medicinal wastes, including unused or part used drug doses, empty syringes, clean up from spills, giving sets and other disposable equipment. All such wastes must be disposed of, either in yellow bins with purple lids or yellow bags with a purple stripe.

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