Medical Waste

Medical Waste Services

A Medical Practice Manager commenting on the waste services Greener Options provide, said: “The level of service I receive is excellent. Any member of the team I come into contact with will go that extra mile to help. You do not feel like any ‘old’ customer, but that you are important to them.”

To enjoy safe management of healthcare wastes and the same peace of mind, Greener Options’s expert services ensure that all your wastes are segregated, stored, transported and disposed of, in line with current legislation and healthcare best practice. We cover:

  • Sharps disposal, hazardous and non hazardous
  • Cytotoxic and cytostatic waste management
  • Pharmaceutical wastes
  • Controlled drugs destruction
  • Yellow and orange bagged infectious wastes
  • Tiger bags for non- infectious, offensive wastes
  • Laboratory Waste, including TVC plates

Medical Waste Collection

Confused by waste consignment notes, permitting, compliance, pre-acceptance audits and colour–coding? At Greener Options we demystify the regulations and make it easy for you to embrace the healthcare waste best practice guidelines. Please see the Department of Health guide HTM 07:01 Safe Management of Healthcare Waste,

A Greener Option

We have a zero waste to landfill policy. As an independent company, we actively support new healthcare waste recycling technologies, use high-energy recovery disposal plants or alternatively, with your permission, we can repatriate viable medicines to clinics overseas in partnership with Home Office licensed charities.

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