Dental Waste

Dental Waste Management and Disposal

We advise dental practices on all hazardous and non- hazardous waste segregation, storage and disposal. Whatever your size of practice, we offer clinical and dental waste containers and bags and a collection frequency in tune with your practice.

Dental Waste Collection

Greener Options offer dedicated storage and removal services for typical dental wastes;

  • Sharps and local anaesthetic cartridges
  • Soft clinical wastes such as dressings, PPE and swabs
  • X Ray fixer and developer chemicals
  • Waste amalgam sludge from separators and filters
  • Amalgam (containing up to 50% mercury) and capsules
  • Teeth with amalgam fillings
  • Lead foils
  • Gypsum in dental moulds

Greener Options Dental Containers

Greener Options Dental Containers

For the above we provide yellow-lidded sharps bins, orange ‘soft clinical’ bags and robust sealed drums and pots in 500ml to 10 litres sizes for amalgam and amalgam sludge, x-ray fixer and developer and also tooth boxes, which can be renewed on each visit.

Greener Options also offers a specialist container for the disposal of dental study moulds containing gypsum.

Recovery and Recycling

We choose to incinerate soft clinical waste in high energy recovery facilities. We recycle dental wastes where appropriate.

Thinking of refurbishing your dental surgery?

We work with local and national charities and will be delighted to take dental chairs and other viable equipment to be distributed to good causes overseas.

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