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Pandemic Plan for fighting COVID-19

Should the UK face a
pandemic, the effects of the pandemic could last many months.

The following procedure sets out the contingency measures that our organisation will bring into effect in the event of a pandemic such as an influenza/avian flu or coronavirus.

The procedure aims to ensure that the organisation will be able to operate its business to the best of its abilities in such an event while protecting, as far as is reasonably practicable, our employees.

The above policy and procedure will be continuously reviewed and updated to take account of the changing status of a pandemic.


  • Departmental managers are responsible for ensuring that employees understand the organisation’s pandemic recovery plan policy and procedure. Employees are responsible for familiarising themselves with the procedure and should speak to their departmental manager should they have any questions.
  • The organisation will identify a Pandemic Crisis Management Team. The team will consist of employee representatives and will include members of both senior and middle management.
  • Members of the Pandemic Crisis Management Team will be trained in how to respond to a pandemic. In the event of a pandemic, members of the team will be expected to exercise leadership and make operational and business decisions, in the absence of senior and operational managers.
  • As a contingency measure, employees will be cross-trained in various functions to ensure that adequate cover is provided in different roles.
  • A pandemic communications strategy will be developed to ensure that employees are provided with up-to-date and accurate information on the status of the pandemic. Information will be provided to employees via the organisation’s e-mail and, where possible, through team meetings. As well as other important information, employees will be briefed on the symptoms of the virus and who to contact should they believe they, or a colleague, has the virus. Employees will also be provided with instructions regarding personal hygiene to avoid spread of the virus.
  • The organisation’s leave and absence policies will be continuously developed as the status of the pandemic changes. The leave policies that will be developed include the organisation’s sick leave policy and bereavement policy.
  • Employees may be required to observe social distancing work rules to prevent the spread of the virus and will be informed of this through the organisation’s Pandemic Crisis Management team at the time.

The above policy and
procedure will be continuously reviewed and updated to take account of the
changing status of a pandemic.

Examples of social distancing work rules include:

  • avoiding unnecessary travel
  • cancellation of face-to-face meetings
  • working from home.

The above policy and procedure will be continuously reviewed and updated to take account of the changing status of a pandemic.

New Card Payment Option

Greener Options now accept card payment over the phone as a method of payment. Any size invoice can be processed through this method. This means you now can pay by BACS, card over the phone, cheque or cash.


Iso news update

Greener Options Ltd are proud to announce that the company is now ISO 9001 certified.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is the most widely recognised quality management system standard. It demonstrates our organisation’s commitment to supplying a product and service that consistently meets our customers’ requirements.

The ISO 9001 process provides a robust framework for improving the organisation’s quality system by adopting eight quality management principles:

  1. Customer focus
  2. Leadership
  3. Involvement of people
  4. Documented processes
  5. Integrated systems
  6. Continuous improvement
  7. A factual approach to decision making
  8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

The emphasis of ISO 9001:2015 is on maintaining well defined operating processes and striving to continually improve– to the benefit of you the customer, our staff and the organisation. It does not require us to change any of our operating processes but simply ensure that they are consistent and controlled.

What’s the big deal with ISO 9001?

UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification is frequently a condition of being a supplier to large companies, such as; the Local Government departments or Government funded bodies like the NHS or MOD. For us having the accreditation means these larger companies take us as a supplier seriously and trust that the services or products we provide fit with the many standards they face from there board of governance. ISO 9001 show that we as a company are committed to the quality of our management systems and that we strive to continually improve to benefit the company, our customers and our staff.